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Dying Light 1 vs Dying Light 2 | WHICH GAME IS BETTER?

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Dying Light 1 vs Dying Light 2, Which game is better???? With Dying Light 2 just releasing around a month ago, I figured now is a great time now that I’ve finished and done a lot in the game to compare it with Dying Light 1, as that’s another game I really enjoy and who doesn’t like a little needless competition. Plus maybe I can help some of you decide which game to get, but I’m just gonna save you the trouble. I really like both of these games and I would definitely recommend either of them. But just in case you are new to this series of mine, what I do is take two games from the same series and I compare them in three different categories being story, gameplay, and the world. Now normally I would do individual sub categories with points and all that but for Dying Light 1 and Dying Light 2 I'm going to go with another system. Instead for each category I am going to give each game a rating out of 10, and add up the ratings at the end and whichever game has the highest score out of 30 will be crowned the better game. If you enjoyed the video I'd really appreciate if you considered subscribing we are SO CLOSE to 100k!!! Thanks for watching and have a great day everyone!


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