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EPIC WIN & EPIC FAIL! - Minecraft Survival Games (Multicube.Net)

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1. 20% more items in each chest
2. Does ½ more damage when 5 blocks or closer to team mate in PvP
3. Can find Pressure Plates in chests that stun and damage players.
4. Has a higher chance to find fishing rods with enchantments on!
5. Invisible when standing still.
6. This district has a constant speed boost.
7. Deals an additional heart of damage with an axe and can throw axes like a tomahawk.
8. Carries a portable crafting table.
9. When breaking grass has a chance of picking up wheat.
10. Random animals will spawn around the player that will drop cooked meat.
11. When blocking, 20% of damage that is taken is dealt back!
12. Has extra zoom abilities with a bow.

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