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Upgrade Your Deck Simply & Efficiently ⬆️ Top Deck Academy | Pokémon TCG

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Top Deck Academy Season 2 Episode 1

Learn how to deepen your Pokémon TCG strategy by simply using synergy! Dive deep with your host Rosemary Kelley and writer Ellis Longhurst, into the mysterious waters of the Inteleon VMAX League Battle Deck.

Top Deck Academy is back in session for season 2! Get ready to plunge right into a crash course of lessons designed to improve your Pokémon TCG decks. New episodes every Wednesday!

Pokémon TCG setlist guide:
Sword & Shield (SSH)
Rebel Clash (RCL)
Darkness Ablaze (DAA)
Champion's Path (CPA)
Vivid Voltage (VIV)
Shining Fates (SHF)
Battle Styles (BST)
Chilling Reign (CRE)
Evolving Skies (EVS)
Celebrations (CEL)
Fusion Strike (FST)

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