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Flashing Lights ~ New Map MP ~ Random Server

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I figured we should have a look at Flashing lights again as they just released another update. Here's is the full changelog

Build 260121-2 [Unstable]

New (updates for the New map)
- Dispatch multiplayer support
- Dispatch support multiple calls at same time within department
- CAD update to join/leave missions in active calls tab
- Calls now end after timeout if no players responding
- New Dumpster Fire calls for Fire Department [ID 2001]
- New garbage dumpster models around the city
- Bus stop models around the city
- Power Off button on every screen in vehicle computer
- Mission complete UI pop-up now show when the call is cleared, but do not issue any points. Points are now given for player actions in missions only
- Another suspect registration added at the back entrance of Police Station

- Random fire calls could spawn with no fire (New map)
- Shop owner's walk animation fixed when items returned
- Fire extinguish time is now faster (New map)
- Fire Tanker truck's rooftop lightbar scale increased
- Fire Ladder truck's doors do not disappear in distance anymore
- Speed signs pool loaded wrong objects taking up some memory
- Christmas hat removed

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