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How To Complete All Lantern Fest Quests Challenges in Fortnite (Free Rewards)

Lantern Fest Tour: 3691-9667-3698

0:00 Complete Lantern Fest Quests:
0:22 Complete Challenges at Lantern Fest Tour
0:31 Light 10 Lanterns Around The Map
Finish Cozy Court Challenges
Complete Race Rumble Challenges
Find All Hidden Figures In The Maze
1:41 Complete All Parkour Paradise Challenges
1:57 Complete Slippery Slide Challenges
1:10 Finish All 4 Lantern Puzzles
Finish Furious Fighters Arena Challenges
0:45 Solve a Lantern Puzzle at Lantern Fest Tour
2:13 Collect Coins in the Slippery Slide at Lantern Fest Tour
2:23 Complete Parkour Courses at Lantern Fest Tour
2:29 Lantern Fest Rewards

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