The Division and 5 More Games Where Man Was the Real Monster


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No matter how long you spend designing cool and unique enemies for your videogame, you’re never going to come up with anything worse than the other players. Here are just some of the times when in videogames, man was the real monster. Subscribe to Outside Xbox for more videos like this!

In the fiction of the Division, The Dark Zones of New York are the areas that were most infected with green poison smallpox virus, and therefore a great place to pick up contaminated beanie hats.

To get them out of the Dark Zone though, you’ll need to signal a helicopter. Here’s where you realise that helicopter signals also function very well as ‘I’m over here with a load of sweet loot’ signals to any nearby players. Can’t we all just *share* the loot, Dark Zone murder gangs?

Even when developers assume everyone playing their game will be the worst, and try to design around it, jerkdom finds a way.

With the introduction of passive mode to Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar probably thought they had foiled online jerks once and for all. Instead, all it did was make the online jerks come up with more creative ways to be online jerks.

Worst amongst these has to be the people that park their cars across shop doorways, trapping you inside and giving you two options: kill yourself so you respawn, or come to terms with the fact that instead of GTA 5 you now own a copy of Inside Of A Clothing Store Simulator 2016.

Have you encountered more egregious jerkdom online? Let us know in the comments!


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