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Why Blizzard Aren't Banning Bots in World of Warcraft

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Bots are now HACKING to farm materials FASTER than you!
Blizzard is doing an absolutely HORRIBLE job at banning bots in World of Warcraft, especially TBC Classic, where multiple people have now gone back to private servers, as a private server run by legitimately ONE person can do a better job at taking care of the botting situation. Botting in TBC Classic is out of control, Bots are taking over pretty much every farming location, and in this video I will show you exactly how the bots are operating, where they are farming, and showing how bots are HACKING to obtain resources! Botting in World of Warcraft is something I am really against and I have made it my own personal goal to do what I can to atleast make a dent in the universe when it comes to getting bots banned, and this video will be the last in my Botting Series, atleast for now, as I have now shown Where the bots are farming, how they are farming, I've shown Bot Rogues inside Blackrock Caverns, Mage Bots inside Maraudon and Slave Pens, and to top it all off, we even have Bots HACKING inside dungeons to farm herbalism & mining, in ways that real players can't. Not only do bots have the advantage of not putting in human time for farming, now they are HACKING AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT. That's it.

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0:45 The Botting Problem in World of Warcraft
2:27 Bots Inside Dungeons in TBC Classic
2:35 Bots Are HACKING
4:03 How To Find Bots in World of Warcraft
4:37 Blizzard Are Not Banning Bots
5:38 Why Blizzard Aren't Banning Bots in World of Warcraft
8:24 WoW Token in TBC Classic
9:18 Outro
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