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Assassin's Creed | Who's The Strongest Templar?

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Assassin's Creed, who is the series strongest Templar? Many of you have probably seen, I’ve had a series going for a while now where I compare and pin the assassins and templars of the series against each other in different categories and determine who is the best at said subject and skill. I’ve made tons of videos like this for the assassins and I’ve done the deadliest and smartest for the templars. So now I figure it is a good time to compare the templars of the assassin's creed series and determine which one is physically the strongest. And we are talking about pure physical strength here. I’m also going to be talking about the main templars of the series, the protagonists and antagonists and I’m not gonna be including the order of ancients or whatever. Also it’s a good point that a lot of Templars in this series are either really old and not very good fighters or they just don’t fight at all and are more of politicians or leaders, so that should help narrow it down quite a bit. But there is no definitive proof saying who is the strongest templar so it’s really up to our own interpretation and opinions so feel free to let me know who you think the strongest templar is and why in the comments. If you enjoyed this video feel free to check out my other videos in this series (links below) and consider subscribing I make a lot of Assassin's Creed related content here. Other than that thanks for watching everyone and have a great rest of your day assassins!!!!

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