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Create Your OWN Class in World of Warcraft!

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Ascension WoW offers a Classless World of Warcraft Experience which allows YOU to Create Your OWN Class in World of Warcraft! Are there any ridicilous builds you've always wanted to try, but never been able to? Here's your chance! Be a Rogue with Mutilate AND Titan's Grip, or be a Mage with Magma Totem and Fire Nova, maybe even be a Fury Warrior with Windfury Weapon & Maelstrom Enhancements from the Enhancement Shaman Talent Tree! Combine any class you want and create The ULTIMATE Class For YOU! Honestly I'm having a blast playing on Ascension and the content it offers is incredible. Giving you the option between a Free Pick and a Seasonal Server, you get the choice of Creating your own class by picking your own abilities and talents, or you can play on the Season Server and get random abilities! It's honestly so much fun! This is the Classic WoW Experience I was looking to re-experience, all on a WoW Private Server that has taken WoW to another level by offering a Classless WoW Experience.

Ascension Discord: https://discord.gg/eH28CkRUaz

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0:00 A Classless World of Warcraft Experience
0:43 Ascension WoW - Classless World of Warcraft
1:25 Create Your OWN Class in World of Warcraft
1:54 Ascension WoW Free Pick vs Seasonal
4:10 Leveling Speed in Ascension WoW
4:33 Challenge Modes in Ascension WoW
5:04 Ascension WoW Population
5:58 Why I Love Ascension WoW
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