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Part 1 | Skylines Invicta | Founders of Antares

11.11 Single Day
In Skylines Invicta | Founders of Antares, CityWokCityWall & Skibitth tell the story of the city of Sagallo in Cities Skylines, from its origins as a fledgling colony in an alien wilderness, to the capital city of an interstellar nation: The Antares Confederacy. Meanwhile, The Templin Institute leads the nation to explore the stars on a search to find Earth in the concurrent YouTube series: Stellaris Invicta. Make sure to subscribe to all three channels to catch every moment:

Citywokcitywall: https://youtube.com/Citywokcitywall
Skibitth: https://youtube.com/SkibitthYoutubeGamer
The Templin Institute: https://youtube.com/TheTemplinInstitute

Watch the behind the scenes of how this episode was made here:

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Written by Citywokcitywall & The Templin Institute

Special Thanks To...
Václav Marek & Lumoize: https://lumoize.artstation.com/
Stegar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp0ld6bPp4c645R3ZiIOVqw
Additional Vehicle Design by: REV0
notDONEyet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiBcFIqPaaW9eS_zRmfHMaw

The Final Frontier by Simon Folwar: https://musicvine.com/track/simon-folwar/the-final-frontier
In The Abyss, We Fear by Kisnou: https://musicvine.com/track/kisnou/in-the-abyss-we-fear
Voyager of Dreams by Patrick Rundblad: https://musicvine.com/track/patrick-rundblad/voyager-of-dreams
Gashan by Dorian Pinto: https://musicvine.com/track/dorian-pinto/gashan
Journey to Freedom by Adi Goldstein: https://musicvine.com/track/adi-goldstein/journey-to-freedom

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