Red Dead Online - All Arrowheads Locations [Madam Nazar Collection]


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This video shows where to find the 12 Arrowheads that can be sold to Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online with the update "Frontier Pursuits".

Red Dead Online - All Collectibles Playlist:


There is always a fixed spawn location for each item that changes every day at 12am GMT (8pm ET / 5pm PT) in a three days cycle. This video will show you all the fixed locations of each item of the set, sorted for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

DAY #1

0:45 - Rough Arrowhead
1:18 - Splintered Arrowhead
1:57 - Crude Arrowhead
2:34 - Chipped Arrowhead
3:10 - Feldspar Arrowhead
3:48 - Slate Arrowhead
4:29 - Bone Arrowhead
5:10 - Raw Arrowhead
5:47 - Obsidian Arrowhead
6:25 - Quartz Arrowhead
7:08 - Flint Arrowhead
7:42 - Agate Arrowhead

DAY #2

8:25 - Rough Arrowhead
9:01 - Splintered Arrowhead
9:36 - Crude Arrowhead
10:12 - Chipped Arrowhead
11:02 - Feldspar Arrowhead
11:40 - Slate Arrowhead
12:28 - Bone Arrowhead
13:15 - Raw Arrowhead
13:50 - Obsidian Arrowhead
14:28 - Quartz Arrowhead
15:05 - Flint Arrowhead
16:01 - Agate Arrowhead

DAY #3

16:49 - Rough Arrowhead
17:25 - Splintered Arrowhead
18:01 - Crude Arrowhead
18:35 - Chipped Arrowhead
19:15 - Feldspar Arrowhead
19:51 - Slate Arrowhead
20:30 - Bone Arrowhead
21:06 - Raw Arrowhead
24:41 - Obsidian Arrowhead
22:27 - Quartz Arrowhead
23:03 - Flint Arrowhead
23:38 - Agate Arrowhead

Video recorded on PlayStation 4 Pro in 4K 30fps

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