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With the success of the Animated Recap last week JJ tells everyone that it's animated recaps from now on, turns out it's just an excuse to make them do dumb things on camera.

RT Podcast #247: RT Discusses Black Friday Fights -
New Merchandise -
THE Patch #29 -
RTAA Michael Punches Poo -
VGX 2013 -
RT Life:
The Slow Mo Guys: Beer Bottle Trick at 2500fps -
The Gauntlet Season 2: Deleted Scenes -
The Gauntlet Season 2: Missing Interviews -
Lets Play - GTA V Coop2 Part 2: Revenge of the Rurr Jurr -
AHWU Week #190 -
Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #6 -
Let's Build in Minecraft - Cloud Down Part 1 -
Things to do in GTA V - Mountain Olympics -
VS Episode 40 - Geoff vs. Ray -
Fails of the Weak #168:
Achievement HUNT #6 - Geoff vs. Ray -
Rage Quit - Farm Fury! -
Grand Theft Auto V

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