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The COMPLETE SUPPORT Itemization Guide For PRESEASON 11 - League of Legends

11.11 Single Day
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0:00 Intro
0:25 QOTD
1:13 Mythic Items
1:18 Moonstone Renewer
2:02 Imperial Mandate
2:47 Shurelya’s Battlesong
2:47 Turbo Chemtank
4:16 Locket of The Iron Solari
5:03 Liandry's Anguish
5:41 Luden's Tempest
6:26 Legendary Items
6:32 Vigilant Wardstone
7:48 Staff Of Flowing Water
8:36 Ardent Censer
9:20 Redemption
9:51 Mikael’s Blessing
10:28 Chemtech Putrifer
11:22 Zeke’s Convergence
12:06 Knight's Vow
12:57 Gargoyle Stoneplate
13:57 Demonic Embrace
14:23 Morellonomicon
15:06 Zhonya's Hourglass
15:58 Standard Enchanter Build
16:33 Standard Tank Build
17:04 Standard Mage Support Build
17:42 Pyke Build
18:34 Conclusion
18:53 Outro

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Concepts: Best ADC 10.24, Best support 10.24, best mid laners 10.24, best junglers 10.24, best top laners 10.24 patch 10.24 rundown, 10.24 lol, 10.24 changes, preseason 11, preseason 11 items, mythic items lol, legendary items lol, Ludens tempest nerf 10.24, Liandries Anguish nerf 10.24, Night Harvester nerf 10.24, Riftmaker nerf 10.24, Hextech Rocketbelt nerf 10.24, Lichbane nerf 10.24, Demonic Embrace nerf 10.24, Nashors tooth nerf 10.24, Eclipse nerf 10.24, Blade of the Ruined King nerf 10.24, Tear of the goddess buff 10.24, AP junglers buff 10.24, Kraken Slayer buff 10.24, Essence reaver buff 10.24, Phantom dancer buff 10.24, Moonstone renewer buff 10.24, prowlers claw buff 10.24, serpents fang buffs 10.24, Kayle nerf 10.24, Samira nerf 10.24, Hecarim nerf 10.24, Tryndamere buff 10.24

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