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The (un)Believable Reality of CRYPTOLAND

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UPDATE: Right as I posted this, another Real estate company finally responded. They said:

"Thank you for reaching out regarding Nananu I cake which I have listed .
This island was under a confidential contract for around six plus months and any body enquiring were advised that this was the case and could possibly put in a back up offer in the event the contract did not proceed and complete.
It is now out of contract and is available to purchase at a list price of US$12m.
Please note that to submit a master plan for approval ,it is mandatory that the party has a sale and purchase agreement in place.
I trust this helps answer your questions."

This further confirms that they are NOT ALLOWED to build on the Fiji island, and their entire project is dead in the water.

Cryptoland is a story of fraud, deception and lies. The Fyre Festival of digital finance... this island is home to everything from millionaire mansions, to false promotional videos, and illegal transactions.

Cryptocurrency will have a future, but this island in Fiji is not the haven it pretends to be, it is something far less real.

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