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Top 10 Video Games That Would Be Scary In Real Life

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Top 10 Video Games That Would Be Scary In Real Life
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One of the best things about video games is that you get to immerse yourself in a story that’s larger than life. That is made up of a fantastical narrative, that lets you do things you could never do in reality. It’s escapism at it’s finest, and it’s easy to see why we love it. But, today, we’re venturing off into hypothetical land and exploring what it would be like if some of our favourite games were actually a reality. What would it be like? Well, in some cases, pretty damn terrifying. Now we’ve tried to keep horror games off this list, because, quite frankly, ANY horror game in real life would be traumatizing. Imagine Outlast for real? Or any of the Resident Evil games? Yeah. Nightmare fuel. And with some of the games on this list, we’ll be talking about the franchise or series as a whole as opposed to individual ones, mainly because the reasons why they’re on this list is because of the universe they’re in. So, with all that in mind, let’s jump in!
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