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Vanguard Zombies is a disaster - I feel bad for Treyarch (Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Review/Talk)

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Vanguard Zombies is a disaster - I feel bad for Treyarch (Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Review/Discussion)

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This video discusses the backlash Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies has received, mainly due to its lack of content, and a bunch of other stuff pertaining to the mode.

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0:00 Giving away 5 FREE copies of Vanguard!
1:30 Vanguard Zombies "Der Anfang" overview
3:30 New Vanguard Zombies Perk System
5:52 Vanguard Zombies is a downgrade from Cold War Zombies
7:38 New Vanguard Zombies Pack-a-Punch camo(s) coming? Red Dark Aether?
8:56 New Pack-a-Punch system is good
10:31 I don't know who Vanguard Zombies is made for
11:55 Why Outbreak fans like Outbreak but not Der Anfang
13:58 Caldera Outbreak needs to release F2P in Warzone
16:56 Der Anfang objectives get repetitive
17:47 Lack of contents kills Vanguard Zombies - Easter egg not for a while
18:29 NO New Wonder Weapon
19:02 Der Anfang should let you progress rounds in Stalingrad
19:45 I don't like the Covenants - RNG is annoying
21:10 No solo or server pause
21:42 Treyarch were likely forced to make Vanguard Zombies last minute
22:57 Treyarch working on COD 2023 Zombies too
23:49 I feel bad for Treyarch
24:36 We need to calm down & how the community hurt BO4 Zombies
25:33 Vanguard Zombies underperforming could shift resources to other modes & why it may already be too late
27:42 No content to make Vanguard Zombies videos on
28:24 Vanguard Zombies atmosphere/vibe is awesome & reused maps isn't a big deal
29:51 Main issue with Vanguard Zombies is simply a lack of content
30:59 Vanguard Zombies story is awesome
31:21 Vanguard Zombies will improve but will it be too late?
32:10 Vanguard Zombies' new engine could've hurt dev time?
32:35 Vanguard Zombies should've been delayed
33:40 Vanguard Zombies lag
33:57 Operators/characters a lot more talkative but no intel system
35:57 Vanguard Zombies exfil anticlimactic
35:41 Der Anfang needs side quests
34:43 This mode is barebones Outbreak
36:01 Vanguard Zombies not that bad - only YouTuber's should really care
36:50 Treyarch has been getting the wrong end of the stick since BO4 Zombies
37:15 Cold War Zombies brought over Warzone fans but they don't like Vanguard Zombies
37:59 Treyarch probably anticipated Vanguard Zombies reaction
39:19 Treyarch juggling multiple games at once + we just got Forsaken a month ago
40:04 What if Der Anfang released to Cold War instead?
40:34 Vanguard Zombies dev team is probably small
40:45 Hating on Treyarch doesn't help
41:21 New boss zombie is annoying
43:21 Zombies not getting enough love from Activision since BO4
44:42 Cooler zombies maps in COD 2023?
45:13 Activision are at fault but can you blame them when COD sells like crazy every year?
45:36 No developers or Treyarch are lazy, deadlines exist due to publishers and budget constraints
47:20 This new mode has issues but I'm open to new modes
47:48 Der Anfang Round-Based needs to happen
49:24 This mode is the opposite to Outbreak by restricting choice
49:52 Full Shi No Numa is not remade
50:30 Small Vanguard Zombies change that needs to be made
51:03 Unsure about the future of Vanguard Zombies
52:20 Sponsors - gaming glasses/babble

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