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That's it, I'm DONE With TBC Classic...

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It's time to realize TBC Classic isn't the game I was looking forward to playing afterall and with The Level 58 Boost bringing in a lot more negatives than positives (which anyone could've foreseen), and Blizzard obviously trying to milk Classic WoW / TBC Classic for everything it's worth in terms of monetary gain, it's just no longer a game I concider worth playing. Bots are RAMPANT in TBC Classic, and they are so obvious aswell. I've made multiple videos on Botting in TBC Classic, showing exactly how bots operate, how much profit they are making, Bots are HACKING, Bots are FLYING, it's beyond ridicilous and to think a Billion Dollar Company is behind this game? Private Servers had "Gamemasters" Working FOR FREE doing a better job at handling bots! I've even come across Private Servers that are fairly popular that were being lead by ONE person and that ONE person even did a better job at banning bots and manually reading through Player Reports! Instead, in TBC Classic, you get an Automated Response whenever you submit a ticket, and there's a high likelyhood the bots don't get banned anyway...
On top of this you have the tragedy of PvP Servers, the Blizzard Lawsuit, the never-ending cycle of Blizzard trying to repair their PR for then to introduce cash shop mechanics to make money for then to repair PR again and do that on repeat, I've just about had it. Classic WoW was supposed to be a game I could play without ever seeing a Paid Level Boost or any in-game cash shop mechanics, and the second I saw the Level 58 Boost, it already ruined the hype.

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0:00 That's it, I'm DONE With TBC Classic...
1:45 TBC Classic Was Doomed To Fail
2:54 The Level 58 Boost & Botting in TBC Classic
4:18 The Negative Effects of the Level 58 Boost
5:28 PvP Servers Becoming One-Sided
6:21 Reasons To Quit TBC Classic
7:35 WoW Private Servers 2021
9:35 Why Play Private Servers
11:00 Recap & Outro
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